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Gold's Gym Of Carrollton Georgia

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Body Combat combines moves and stances developed

from a range of self-defense disciplines such as

karate, boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Thai Chi.

It is a fierce energetic experience taught in a safe and

simplistic manner.  Designed to “fight” fat and “kick:

calories, it’s a great cardiovascular workout that’s

all out fun!


Body Pump: This weight training class challeges every
major muscle group in your body.  High repetition boosts
your endurance and speeds up metabolism for a rapid fat
burning!  Two or Three workouts per week provide maximum
results.  "Real Results...Real Fast!"... Guaranteed!

Pilates: Sculpt your body Thin!  With this mat based class
for everyone.  Learn to use your "powerhouse" to sculpt
the muscles that get missed.  You'll shape your abs,
back, legs, and arms in this 30 minute class.  A great
no-impact class for all fitness levels.

Yoga/Pilates: Enjoy the science behind both
while shaping your body, re-energize your
body your mind.  20/30 minutes of pilates
followed by yoga.  Finish your workout revived.
Your Body will thank you!

Yoga Sunrise: Basic Hatha Yoga desinged
to ease you into your day.

Yoga: An experience of inner energy,
strength, and tranquility.  Enjoy a great
body shaping work out followed with
relaxing stretches. 

All Abs:  A 30 minute abdominal workout sure
to shape and strengthen your abs and back. Develop
a strong, balanced core


 8:45am: Body Pump Sandy/Amber
10:00am: Pilates            Amber
12:00pm: Body Pump     Leslie
  5:00pm: All Abs           Molly
  5:30pm: Body Combat  Merideth
  6:30pm: Body Pump     Andrea

 5:45am Body Pump    Nikki
 9:00am Body Combat Amber
10:00am Yoga            Kathy
 4:30pm Body Pump   Melanie
 5:30pm Pilates          Melanie
 6:00pm Step/Combo  Kim
 7:00pm Yoga            July

 6:15am Yoga sunrise   Kathy
 8:45am  Body Pump    Leslie
10:00am All Abs           Leslie
12:00pm Body Pump    Sandy
 4:30pm  Body Combat Christina
 5:30pm  Body Pump    Kim
 6:30pm  All Abs          Christina

 5:45am  Body Pump      Nikki
 9:00am  Step Combo     Shawn
10:00am Yoga Pilates     Shawn
 4:30pm  Body Pump      Mary
 5:30pm  Pilates             Mary
 6:00pm  Body Combat+ Amber 

 8:45am  Body Pump Kim
10:00am Pilates        Kim
12:00pm Body Pump Andrea
 5:35pm  Body Pump Amber

 8:30am Yoga              July
 9:30am Body Pump    Kim/Leslie
10:30am Body Combat Sherry/Andrea